There Will Always Be Someone Better

And the sooner you accept this, the sooner you can be proud of where you are and how far you’ve come. In the studio it always seems like someone else is just edging you out on a new skill, a level promotion, or in picking up choreography. If you happen to be the strongest dancer at your studio, it only takes attending 1 convention or audition to realize that there are hundreds of dancers as or more talented than you.

hiphop13Having more talented people around you should bring you inspiration, not depression! Learn from them. Be humble enough to ask them for feedback. Surround yourself with the dancers who are successful, but kind. This is exactly how we, as adults, are coached in our jobs, right? And sometimes, it seems, no matter how hard we work, that we can never catch up. But be gentle with yourself. Ignore the naysayers, even if that naysayer is you. It is all part of growing, learning, and changing for the better, and I am proud and happy to be providing this opportunity to young people.

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Get Over Looking Silly

There is always a first time for everything. No one is an expert at something right off the bat. You’re going to look novice, and that is ok. It just means you showed up and are open to learning.

There is always, always something new to learn as a dancer. Even if your technique is polished and advanced, teachers will continuously ask you to try moving your body in new and different ways. fdod7Let the fear that you might get it wrong push you forward, not backward. You just might find out it’s wonderful!

In addition, remember that no one is really looking at you. They are looking at themselves! This is everyone, all the time, not just dance class. No one is as critical of you as you are of yourself. Seriously. This should free you up to be the best version of YOU, even if that version is still a hot mess. Your fellow dancers, your co workers, your peers are just like you, making the effort for the same reasons you are. For the bettterment of your own body, mind and soul.

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Get Out of Your Head and Be In the Moment

I’ve mentioned on this blog before that I’m a thinker. I like to plan and be in control. Sometimes thinkers and planners have a hard time being content and living in the moment. This is something that dance teaches me and continues to teach me.
moh-learning-curveWhen I am lucky enough to take class at a convention, it is not rare that I find myself overcome with emotion at some point during the class. That could be moved to tears or laughter, but getting to dance takes me out of my thinking cap and allows me to just live in that moment in time.

There is nothing more enjoyable than getting lost in the flow of dance. This only happens when you get out of your head, stop thinking, and just trust. Let’s just let go and be content, in dance and in life. Ready to start your dance journey? Download a free trial coupon here.

Teaching Time Management

Here at Lonestar Dance we have a myriad of dancers who participate in dance at many different levels. We have a few competition dancers who are here 5-6 days a week (in large part because they choose to take extra classes) and recreational dancers that are here just 1-2 hours a week. Either way, doing an activity like dance teaches school-age children time management, which is such an applicable tool as a working adult.

I am very much of the opinion that schoolwork comes first for our dancers. meghan-class-1Attendance at dance is extremely important when preparing for performances and competitions (company dancers shouldn’t miss more than 3 practices in a semester and recreational dancers get a follow up call after missing 2 classes in a row), but would I rather you be at dance when you are failing a class and need to go to tutorials? Heck no! It is up to parents, teachers, and extracurricular coaches to help these young people understand how to manage everything they are doing. Kids are BUSY.

Dancing several days a week, managing going to school full-time, being involved in school clubs and activities, and having a social life isn’t always easy growing up, but I thank dance for my time management skills I have now. I am a very organized person, and I think I got that from having to manage and juggle so much while basically living at the dance studio.

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