There Will Always Be Someone Better

And the sooner you accept this, the sooner you can be proud of where you are and how far you’ve come. In the studio it always seems like someone else is just edging you out on a new skill, a level promotion, or in picking up choreography. If you happen to be the strongest dancer at your studio, it only takes attending 1 convention or audition to realize that there are hundreds of dancers as or more talented than you.

hiphop13Having more talented people around you should bring you inspiration, not depression! Learn from them. Be humble enough to ask them for feedback. Surround yourself with the dancers who are successful, but kind. This is exactly how we, as adults, are coached in our jobs, right? And sometimes, it seems, no matter how hard we work, that we can never catch up. But be gentle with yourself. Ignore the naysayers, even if that naysayer is you. It is all part of growing, learning, and changing for the better, and I am proud and happy to be providing this opportunity to young people.

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