That “Feel-Good” Feeling

I recently took a pretty extended vacation from the studio. In addition to the normal 2 weeks off for school I took a whole extra week and traveled Europe. It was amazing. I won’t lie and say that I was all that eager to get back to my normal routine, as wonderful as it is. I wasn’t really quite ready for the grind.

That said, I had the most amazing week back from vacation.img_6285 All my anxieties, all my fears about returning to work have melted away upon watching these dancers laugh, create, play and enjoy the studio. It has made me reflect upon the things that really make me happy, or give me that “Feel-Good” feeling.

I got it when I watched moms watching their babies trying something new at Free Day of Dance. I got it when my EDC dancers were laughing and cheering each other on in our first competition. I got it when I saw a group of nine 3-4 year olds playing the most adorable game of Freeze Dance ever with a teacher that was beaming.

I hope that what we do here at Lonestar Dance Center is providing dancers and families with hundreds of “Feel-Good” feelings every day. I hope that stressed-out moms, over-scheduled kids and sometimes under-appreciated teachers are cherishing each of these moments. I’d love for you to pass along this amazing gift of dance to a friend in 2017. Direct them here for a free trial class!


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