SELL IT When it’s Simple

In classes last week we were doing a complicated combination across the floor. Very few students were able to grasp the choreography 100%, but they were given 3-4 “moments” where, no matter the skill level, they could nail the step and “sell it” with their energy and face. Inevitably, many of the students completely threw away those easy moments because they were frustrated with the harder steps. If I were a judge in that moment, and that combination was an audition, I would have rather they bungled every technical aspect of the combination and really performed those 3-4 simple moments with confidence.

fullsizerender-1One of our students who does a lot of auditioning graciously shared a story about an experience that had a lot of impact on her. In a huge ballroom of hundreds of dancers she got called up on stage for one simple opening move. Why? Because she SOLD IT. She messed up the rest of the choreography, but that one, simple opening move, that she did with confidence, hooked the viewer.

And so goes life. How often do we let the hard things that we don’t quite grasp mess up the easy things that we should be confident about? It’s one thing to be able to fake it until you make it, but whole other thing to be able to sell it when you really know what you are talking about. Just another thing that dance is teaching our dancers each and every class.

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