Collaborating with your Competitors

Dance studios are an interesting business plan. Not only are your time investors not your monetary investors, but you are trying to apply value to something that has a lot of hidden, intrinsic values that aren’t always seen right away. Another way that it is unique is how we interact with our direct competitors. You see, at the end of the day, we are all extremely passionate about the same thing.

936_7k4a0405I do care very much how my business performs; I need to pay my bills and my employees and pay myself enough to feel valued in my workplace. I do want to attract clients to my studio over another studio so we can continue providing this service. But in the dance community we would all rather a student be dancing somewhere and growing as a person through the art of dance than not dancing at all.

At conventions we studio owners and directors take classes and improve ourselves together. At competitions we cheer each other on. We even collaborate in shows for the greater good. We build bridges across these boundaries in hopes that our dancers learn how to network, make friends and use their art and their passions in an amazing way. Interested in starting your dance journey? Click here for a free trial.



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