Passing Along Promptness

**This week’s blog post written by Lonestar Instructor Alexis Parmentier.

As a kid I knew that if God wanted me to do something with my life, it would be a blessing I felt he was leading me towards. As an adult, I can full heartedly say that God has blessed me with dancing as a gift and he has lead me to teach dance to the younger generation. The traits that I have learned growing up as a dancer will be traits I carry with me my whole life, and something I will pass down to future generations.

Thinking back to when I was a student, I learned the value of responsibility, promptness, respect, teamwork, and so many other qualities that have made me who I am today. By learning these things, I now know what I’d like to expect from my own students.img_6444

As I grew up, I learned more and more about what each of my teachers appreciated. Whether it be dress code, respect, or promptness, I started to note how I could serve them in little ways when I was going to dance class.

For me, as a teacher, promptness is the first thing I pay attention to when it comes to class. Being on time and ready to dance when the class is starting is so important. I take time every day to lesson plan before coming to the studio to teach my dancers.  In order to knock out stretching, improving on skills, learning new ones, & working on choreography, we have to start right when the start of class comes around. If a dancer comes late to class, it takes away from the other dancers when I have to ensure the late dancer is warm and focused. If I am giving undivided attention to one dancer by warming them up or reviewing what has already been taught, it takes away from the class as a whole.

From walking in the door, to taking attendance & wanting to knock out all of my plans, I have to be punctual, and I expect the same from those I mentor! Just another thing dance is teaching our students each and every week. Interested in joining us? Click here for a free trial.


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