Inspiring Confidence

Dance started back this week, and I am SO EXCITED. Not only do I crave a routine (summer is all over the place!), but seeing dancers return to the studio who took the summer off is so special! The new dancers that get to experience dance for the first time come in somewhat nervous, and just after 1 class you see them leave feeling accomplished at trying something new. It’s a special time 🙂IMG_8582

Since it’s a new year, I wanted to come back to the mission and zero in on what we are all about at Lonestar. Our official mission statement is “inspiring kids to express themselves confidently through dance.” This means confidence in their bodies, their minds, and their creativity. I want dancers who pass through our studio to leave as self-assured human beings who can speak out for what is right and be a leader in their environments. We use dance as medium to teach this idea.

Staff members at Lonestar all agree: at the end of the day we want to inspire confidence. This does not always mean happy feelings. Sometimes building confidence means failing a few times and learning how to persevere through it. Sometimes building confidence means being taught respect for instructors, your craft and others. We see dance as a perfect outlet for these lessons, and we’d love to show you. Join us for our 14th season of dancing! For a free trial coupon click here.