Building Community

It takes a village, and we love our village dearly! The more involved you get here at the studio, the more the studio will give back to you. The more relationships you and your child will develop with teachers, students and other parents. The more comfortable you will be leaving your child in class to go run and errand or two.

superhero costumes

Your dancer will be even more excited to come to class each week.

This week is a fun week: Halloween Costume Week! Be sure to come dressed up to join in the fun. We are always doing fun-tivities here at the studio, whether it is a Princess Party, spirit contest, social media challenge, or volunteer opportunity. Have you gotten involved yet? We’d love for you to get to know some of the other amazing dance families that are part of our community!

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A Good Kind of Tired

You know that good kind of tired you are when it’s been a really productive, but rewarding day? The kind of tired you feel after you work out or finish a big project? I love that dance makes you that kind of tired. It consumes your mind and your body, and, even if there are frustrating moments, you are a good kind of exhausted when you are finished with a rehearsal. moh 2017 4

Dance also teaches you how to push through your exhaustion to discover new sources of energy you didn’t know you had before. Competition weekends are a great example of early mornings, late nights, constant physical activity and emotional hardships. You have to persevere through that feeling of exhaustion and slap on a smile and point your feet for the good of the team. Performing produces a special kind of adrenaline, and even the most tired dancer can convince you from stage that they have boundless amounts of energy.

This is just another reason dance is so special. Interested in seeing for yourself? Click here for a free trial coupon.

Integrity- Do the Right Thing

One of our values here at Lonestar Dance Center is Integrity. We strive, and encourage our kids to strive, to always do the right thing. Even when no one is watching. Sometimes we fail at knowing what the right thing is, and in that case we try to learn from our mistakes and do it the right way the next time. To anyone who has ever felt we didn’t do the right thing, we apologize and hope to have learned something from it. It’s a part of our core mission and is one of the value-based lessons we believe dance teaches again and again. meghan class 3

One of the simple examples that always comes up during our value-teaching time is the notion of what happens when the teacher leaves the room. For example, a teacher of a group of 9-10 year olds starts class and gets called outside the door for a quick conversation with a parent. As she is leaving the room she says, “please keep stretching in straddle until I return.” We expect the kids to keep doing what they are asked by an authority figure, even if no one is watching to be sure they do it. It’s an easy lesson for the kids to understand mentally, and one we use in practice frequently.

We also teach Integrity as “making good choices.” I always pose a question to my kiddos. Which is the better choice when you arrive early: making sure the right shoes are on your feet and that your hair is out of your face or talking and laughing with your friends? There is definitely a time and place for socializing (and it isn’t in the classroom), but the better choice is to first make sure you are prepared for class. Come trial a class for free, and see these value lessons in play first-hand!

An Opportunity for Social Responsibility

I love that most businesses and organizations these days have some kind of philanthropic activities, whether that is donating to a cause or volunteering their time. I believe that we all have some kind of social responsibility, regardless of what cause you serve. It is important that we teach this to our young people.


Here at Lonestar Dance Center we aim to do at least 1 philanthropic thing per month with our dance community. nami walk 3For September it was attending and volunteering for the NAMIWalks Austin event (National Alliance on Mental Illness) as well as a donation drive for the Easterseals of Central Texas. For October we are having Pink Out Week and a t-shirt design contest to bring awareness to the fight against Breast Cancer, and the t-shirt sales will benefit the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Austin. In November we will offer a chance for all our kids to publicly display what they are thankful for and highlight the goodness that each of us has in our lives. December brings our 11th Annual Holiday Benefit Performance, raising money for Austin Children’s Services and canned goods for local food pantries.

If you are looking for a fun place to bring your child for an after school activity, to keep them active, and to engage in a community that teaches and highlights social responsibility please come try LDC! We only have 1.5 weeks left of our Fall Enrollment, but we will open up again for January registration. We hope you’ll join us. Trial a free class by clicking here!