No Equipment Necessary

Dance is a marriage of the body and the soul. It is cathartic and moving as an organic method of self expression. Also? It’s great exercise! Dancing can be done anywhere without any equipment. It’s a fun, accessible method of increasing your heart rate and burning some calories. You don’t need any sports or workout equipment; you only need a song that makes you want to move your body. lex pic 4

The kind of workout you get depends on the kind of dance you do. Lyrical or Ballet will undoubtedly stretch your muscles and strengthen small muscle groups you didn’t even know you had, but a night out on the dance floor with your friends will raise your heart rate for a long period of time. Dance is great for all ages, and encourages longevity of joints and muscles.

In my social life I feel like I hear all the time, “I can’t dance.” Wrong! ANYONE can dance, and its accessibility is one of my favorite things about it. You don’t have to dance for anyone else but you; just lock yourself in a room with your favorite song and get to it!


5 Tips for your Collegiate Audition

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So this blog is normally an insightful look into what I feel dance has taught me, and not an opportunity for tips or advice, but today I wanted to share some tips that we give each spring during our University of Texas Pom Prep course. Do you have a dancer in high school or college who is interested in joining a collegiate team? Share these tips with them!

#1 Do Your Homework

Visit the squad’s website, watch YouTube videos, Google them! At what events do they appear or perform? What is the time commitment? Know as much as possible.

#2 Look the Part

If the team wears their hair teased and half up, half down, then wear yours the same way at auditions. Pay attention to if they look tan (get a spray!), what colors they wear in their make up, and if they wear any consistent jewelry.

#3 Practice Learning Quickly

Whether it’s taking a dance class or learning from your favorite choreographers on YouTube, practice learning choreography quickly. Auditions move at a fast pace; be sure you can learn, retain, and perform a piece of choreography over a short amount of time.

#4 Be Prepared to Interview

Know a little bit about which sports (if any) the team supports or what competitions (if any) they attend. Be prepared to answer questions about your strengths, weaknesses and why you are the best person to add to their team.

#5 Have Fun!

Keep in mind WHY you dance. Don’t let this audition define you; they are likely looking for something specific in each new member. If you go in, have fun, and show them your personality you can walk away feeling confident, no matter the results!
Interested in joining our pom prep class? It isn’t too late! Check out the details here!

Interested in joining our pom prep class? It isn’t too late! Check out the details here! 

Giving Constructive Feedback

It’s no secret that a lot of people have a really hard time with criticism. Not just receiving it, but knowing how to give it. I have blogged before about the importance of being “coachable,” but today I take it from another side. How does one learn how to coach? Eventually some may make it a focus or track at school or major in education in college, but those are some of the rare people who are taught, from a course, how to “teach.” The truth is, many others in many industries need to learn the skill of how to coach, teach or manage. That is a hard task for someone who is uncomfortable giving honest feedback.

IMG_9461At Lonestar Dance we start this process early by watching each other perform in groups and giving feedback. The rules may change for different age groups, but starting as early as ages 7-9 we ask children to give constructive feedback to their peers. We encourage them to communicate both compliments as well as areas that need work and try to help them articulate the specific ways in which a peer may improve. We always remind them to speak with love and kindness, and we moderate the comments as needed, but it is an important skill to start building.

This is just one of the many lessons learned in the dance classroom. Are you ready for your child to start their dance journey? Click here for a free trial coupon.