Do something FUN.

Periodically we will post an image on our social media accounts simply asking, “Why do you dance?” The responses are varied, but the most consistent answer is, “Because it is FUN!” Our dancers come to class to learn, but our teachers make sure that it is an enjoyable activity that is a stress reliever as well as an educational experience. Lonestar instructor Anna Starr put it this way in her welcome letter to her dancers this season: mini laugh 1

I believe in using humor, and while I’m very serious about dance – since I hold it so close to my heart – I believe in the importance of enjoying your dance education. Dance should be fun! I truly believe that dance is universal, and it appeals to every type of learner. Dance stimulates the physical/kinesthetic, intellectual/mental, social/emotional, and the artistic/aesthetic developmental intelligences of a child. It is a reflection of, teaches us about, and shapes our view of the world around us.”

We are so grateful have instructors that can show kiddos how to both be serious and have fun! Interested in learning more? Time is running out to register for our fall semester. We still have a few openings, but registration will close 9/28. We will reopen for spring registration after Thanksgiving. Check out our Fall/Spring schedule here.


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