A Fun Community

It’s the kickoff to Costume Week! Today is Superhero day, and I can’t wait to see the studio filled with little Wonder Women. Tomorrow is the annual Vampire Day, where our veteran staff will don vampire capes and vampire teeth and induct any new instructors into our clan. It may seem silly, but it’s all part of what makes the studio a fun community where our dancers, teachers and parents want to spend their time. superhero costumes

Regardless of where you work, culture and community is a huge deal.  The kinds of feelings you get and the kinds of events that exist when you walk into our business are what will make you return for years to come. A lot of the things that I do at the studio for culture and community are things that I’ve borrowed from past jobs, past clubs, past school experiences, old bosses, etc. The way that we do our jobs or run our businesses is a composition of our own personal experiences. I hope to be giving these dancers not only fun memories, but eventual ideas and past experiences to take with them into their own teaching careers, office careers or managerial careers.

Will you be joining our costume week extravaganza? We hope so! Registration is closed for now, but we will reopen our online enrollment 12/1 for a January 7th start date. Check out our schedule here.


Taking Responsibility Gives YOU the Power

To every age and level of our dancers we find ourselves constantly saying, “Make the choice.” For little littles the choice may be easy, like participating in the dance game while keeping our hands to ourselves vs. having to stand by the teacher, but we attempt to give responsible options that give the dancer the control to be responsible for the outcome. For older dancers it may be choosing to make the correction vs. being moved to the back of the formation or choosing to listen vs. leaving the classroom. Either way we are teaching these kids that only YOU have responsibility for your own body and your own choices, and that only YOU have the power to define your success or failure based on the choices you make. IMG_0484

Absolutely, 100%, there are things that happen out of our control. Our goal is to teach them that it is not what happens to us that defines us, but how we react to it and take responsibility for the consequences of what happens to us that defines us. For example, if a dancer has missed a class because she was sick that is no fault of her own, and we are not in any way mad or upset that she was sick. However, it may mean that she missed an entire rehearsal of new choreography, and that a private lesson is required or a session at the studio with a friend needs to happen to catch up. It is important for the dancer to realize, though, that we, as the teachers, are not responsible for setting up that lesson or meeting up with that friend to ensure they know their choreography, but that they must make the choice and take the effort required to catch up before the next rehearsal.

Taking responsibility gives you the power to choose your outcomes and pathways to how you define success. It lies in the choice to be proactive, in the choice to do what is right, and in the choice to respect your commitments and your team mates. These are huge life lessons that will follow these dancers throughout their careers and their family lives. We can only hope to have a small influence on how they will handle these situations down the road. Interested in joining us? Spring session starts 1/7. Check out our schedule here.

A Safe Space

We all go through hard things. We all go through stress. We have to find a place that we feel safe and that we feel heard. Our staff at Lonestar tries to foster a culture where kids can be adventurous and creative, where lifelong friendships are built and where limits can be pushed in a controlled environment. It takes trust and open communication to maintain this, but when school is rough or when family life isn’t everything it’s supposed to be we want our dancers to walk into the studio, get out of their minds and focus on growing and learning. brooklyn teaching

Through technique and choreography they get to mindfully create brain/body awareness, build strength and learn movement that may be new, challenging and different than they are used to. Through improvisation they get to move without boundaries and express on the outside what their insides feel like. The dance classroom is a place where you build trust with other dancers and a place where friends will see you at your best and at your worst. When one of our dancers is struggling, her dance family holds her up. We cheer for each other and also hold each other accountable. We succeed together and we face challenges together.

The dance studio is our safe space. This is an idea we hold sacred and talk about at every staff meeting, in every parent meeting, and at every chance we get when a kid opens up to us. Unfortunately we don’t always uphold this idea, as we are human and mistakes are easy to make, but we, as teachers, always hope to learn and grow when we fail at this particular mission.  Our Fall enrollment is currently closed, but we hope you join us in January! Check out our Fall/Spring schedule here.

What to Expect from your Preschooler’s Class

A few months ago we put together a video explaining a little bit about what you might see through the glass during your pre-schooler’s dance class. Since we have a lot of fresh new faces at the studio this fall, I wanted to take a moment and both link the video as well as highlight a few things that we feel are important.

“Here at Lonestar Dance we offer several different classes for preschoolers, which we consider ages 3-6. All classes take Ballet, and we also mix the Ballet with Hip Hop, Acro, Jazz or Tap.” 

“As a basic structure we try to introduce them [to] things that are more general class structures. Things like follow the leader, standing in a spot that is yours for the class, they start to learn how to listen, they start to learn how to make a circle… some of the things they may not have learned if they have not been in school.” 

“Most classes include some type of warm up… it may include isolations, stretching, and starting with dance basics.”

“We also play movement games… such as our Animal Action game that helps them understand how movement relates to the world around them. “

Watch the full video here:

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 1.40.37 PM

We have closed registration for our Fall semester, but we will reopen enrollment on 12/1 for a January 7th start date to our spring classes! Check out our schedule here.