What to Expect from your Preschooler’s Class

A few months ago we put together a video explaining a little bit about what you might see through the glass during your pre-schooler’s dance class. Since we have a lot of fresh new faces at the studio this fall, I wanted to take a moment and both link the video as well as highlight a few things that we feel are important.

“Here at Lonestar Dance we offer several different classes for preschoolers, which we consider ages 3-6. All classes take Ballet, and we also mix the Ballet with Hip Hop, Acro, Jazz or Tap.” 

“As a basic structure we try to introduce them [to] things that are more general class structures. Things like follow the leader, standing in a spot that is yours for the class, they start to learn how to listen, they start to learn how to make a circle… some of the things they may not have learned if they have not been in school.” 

“Most classes include some type of warm up… it may include isolations, stretching, and starting with dance basics.”

“We also play movement games… such as our Animal Action game that helps them understand how movement relates to the world around them. “

Watch the full video here:

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 1.40.37 PM

We have closed registration for our Fall semester, but we will reopen enrollment on 12/1 for a January 7th start date to our spring classes! Check out our schedule here.


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