A Fun Community

It’s the kickoff to Costume Week! Today is Superhero day, and I can’t wait to see the studio filled with little Wonder Women. Tomorrow is the annual Vampire Day, where our veteran staff will don vampire capes and vampire teeth and induct any new instructors into our clan. It may seem silly, but it’s all part of what makes the studio a fun community where our dancers, teachers and parents want to spend their time. superhero costumes

Regardless of where you work, culture and community is a huge deal.  The kinds of feelings you get and the kinds of events that exist when you walk into our business are what will make you return for years to come. A lot of the things that I do at the studio for culture and community are things that I’ve borrowed from past jobs, past clubs, past school experiences, old bosses, etc. The way that we do our jobs or run our businesses is a composition of our own personal experiences. I hope to be giving these dancers not only fun memories, but eventual ideas and past experiences to take with them into their own teaching careers, office careers or managerial careers.

Will you be joining our costume week extravaganza? We hope so! Registration is closed for now, but we will reopen our online enrollment 12/1 for a January 7th start date. Check out our schedule here.


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