What to Expect from Your Dancer’s Class

A few weeks ago we shared our video of what things you should expect from your Preschooler’s dance class, and we wanted to follow up with our video intended for older dancers! A few highlights:

“We feel it is important to mention that dancers may stay in one level for multiple years. As far as a general structure… every class will start with a warm up and stretch. We feel it is important to raise your body temperature and stretch to avoid injury.”

“Many classes will include some kind of across-the-floor movement side to side or corner to corner. If we are working towards a performance we may jump into choreography and teach formations, movements, and parts.”

“Another tool we utilize… may be going in groups where one group sits and watches another group go, and then they switch. This does a couple of things. For one, it allows you to have an audience to perform for, and it also teaches the ones sitting and watching how to be a good audience.” 

“You may also see us implement some freestyle games, or improvisation.”

“At the end of the day it’s about getting them moving, honing in on specific skills, learning choreography, learning how to freestyle, and ultimately gaining the confidence to be on stage.”

Be sure to click the image to watch the video in it’s entirety! Interested in joining us? Spring session starts January 7th. See our schedule here.

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Creating Leaders

We absolutely consider our dancers leaders of the future. Leaders in their school groups, leaders in their peer groups, and, eventually, leaders in their places of work. Not only is our main mission to inspire kids to express themselves confidently (which every leader needs), but there are many tactical skills they are learning as well.

Leaders have to be good at time management. Our dancers, especially those who dance multiple days per week, have to learn how to manage their extracurricular activities with their school work. As a daughter of educators, I am a firm believer that school comes first. When a dancer is failing a class I’d rather her be late for rehearsals to attend her tutorials than to be at dance. Dance is a privilege that only comes to those who can manage their homework loads. IMG_0826

Leaders have to empathetic. Leaders have to be able to walk in someone else’s shoes and allow that to change the way they think or behave. Part of dance is telling stories. This requires dancers to think outside of themselves and imagine a feeling or a situation that they may not have encountered personally. If the story for a routine is about the loss of a loved one, but they have not yet lost a loved one, they have to imagine it. This is building their empathy and their ability to think beyond their own experiences.

Leaders have to be respectful. Not only are we trying desperately to teach these kids how to respect their teachers and mentors, but we are trying to teach them how to respect each other. How to be kind. How to listen. How to disagree with someone yet still work with them side by side. These are all qualities that will make fantastic leaders someday.

Interested in joining us? We will reopen online enrollment on December 1st, and spring classes will begin January 7th. Click here for our current class schedule.