Making New Friends

Socializing is an important part of growing up. School is the main outlet for this, but extracurriculars play a huge role in finding your “people.” While the primary goal of coming to dance class is to learn the skills necessary and develop the confidence to perform a certain dance style, making new friends is a secondary goal that we hope our dancers achieve at the studio. mini bonding

When you do an activity or sport outside of school you find like-minded peers that usually have similar goals, even if you come from all different backgrounds. We are blessed to be from a diverse community where dancers of all colors, religions and family dynamics can develop trust and hone new skills together. It is always fun to watch friendships pop up in our dance classes and hear stories about play dates and sleepovers between kiddos who go to different schools or live in different suburbs that would otherwise not have met.

We see it in the parents who sit together in the hallways as well. Moms and Dads with kids of similar age and energy levels bond as they watch their dancers in the classroom. We love to watch a community unfold bound by the common interest of dance. Our registration is open through February 15th- won’t you join us? Click here for a free trial class.


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