Being Put On the Spot

Our mission is to inspire confidence in our dancers using dance as a medium. We believe dance is a fun and formative way to encourage our students to be able to walk into any room and be confident. Part of this is being put on the spot. Much of dance is non-vocal, obviously, but we want our dancers to also be able to speak up and speak out when called upon. Not every dancer will feel comfortable as an actor or orator,  but, inevitably, whether they audition one day to be a drill team officer or to be a back up dancer, they will have to talk. dancers 1

During the Summer our Energy Dance Company dancers have to audition for placement for their competition pieces. During this time we make them practice “slating,” or introducing yourself and answering some basic questions. They aren’t always confident or good at it the first time, but, those who have auditioned with us for a while can speak up and assert themselves to both make a connection with their interviewer and stand out in a line up.

Our teachers also call on students throughout the dance class time much in the same way a school teacher does, often putting dancers on the spot to come up with an answer to what we are doing or why we are doing it to use their critical thinking skills. As with school, the answers aren’t always right, but we want our dancers to feel confident making an educated guess or being able to say, “I don’t know,” without embarrassment. Just another way that joining an extracurricular like dance can continue to help kids be smarter, think for themselves and gain confidence. Interested in joining us? Registration ends for our spring semester on 2/15. Check out our schedule here.


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