The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

One of my absolute favorite things about dance is how universal it is. Strip down all the technique and style rules that we impose in a setting like a dance studio, and, at its root, dance is inherent. Dance is natural. You see it from the time we are babies! I love to stand in a crowd at a concert, or in a bar, or at a festival and be reminded of what a basic instinct it is to move to music. parent dance 2019

I hear this comment a lot: “I bet it really bothers you when people are bad dancers.” NO! Quite the opposite. If dance is bringing you joy, whether or not you are “good” by any societal standard does not matter! If the music moves you, then move! Dance is fun, and there are no barriers to entry. As humans, I feel like we can’t even help but bob our heads or sway side to side when we hear a song we like.

Gloria Estefan is right. Whether we intend it or not, or whether it is conscious or unconscious, the rhythm is gonna get you! But, if you want to define and hone those skills, we’ve got you covered. Join us for classes this spring- check out our schedule here.


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