For Everything There is a Season

On March 10th Energy Dance Company, along with a few of our older recreational dancers, will be performing our 6th Annual Matters of the Heart in Zilker Park. This show took root in the spring of 2014 as a mission to marry dance with stories and feelings of self worth and seeing worth in the lives of others. This year’s theme is “Seasons.” Not seasons like Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, but seasons of life. moh 2018

We must believe and hope that everything will happen in its own time. That the steps and actions that we take today toward our goals will bear fruit. That even failures are not steps backward, but experiences from which we will learn and grow. For everything there is a season! Seasons for youth, seasons for redemption, seasons for laughter and seasons for tears. Seasons to dance, seasons to grieve, seasons for love.

Over the next few weeks leading up to our show, we want to take some time to explore some of these seasons and how they relate to dance here on the blog. Be sure to tune in!

See more details about our show here. 


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