A Season for Youth

Too often we expect our kiddos to grow up too fast. To have too much responsibility, to take life too seriously. From time to time we all tend to have conversations and use tones of speech that do not foster a positive experience around kids. Too easily they take on our adult stresses and lose their innocence as they listen to the adults around them. They too often learn to be cynical or petty as they hear their mentors or parents speak to other adults. Being a mentor or a parent is a tough job. We all hope to raise these kids to be kind, honest, responsible and discerning, but it is hard to remember that we once had a Season for Youth. vip mini jazz

In the dance studio, we try hard to remember that young dancers are easily influenced by what they hear, and that they are only little for a short time of their life. We want to let them be little and to build a love for Dance and a love for self-expression. While we want to hold them to a level of responsibility and hard work that is appropriate for their age or skill level, we do not set unrealistic expectations for perfection. Instead, we like to encourage a personal best.

Different mentors, teachers, parents and organizations have different thoughts about how hard to push kids to succeed. At Lonestar Dance our mission is to inspire kids to express themselves with confidence. This doesn’t always mean we are easy on them- tough love can be an integral part of pushing kids to be the best version of themselves- but at the end of the day we want them to feel appreciated, admired, and passionate about their art. We don’t want to push so hard that they resent their teachers or the world of dance. We want to respect their Season of Youth.

Interested in joining us? Summer classes and camp schedules will be published by 3/1!


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