A Season for Heartache

It is naive to think we will always be in a season of celebration or a season of fun. Part of life is hardship and heartache. We will lose people we love, and we will find ourselves in situations that we never imagined experiencing. It is impossible to know how we will deal with these emotions of heartache until we are deep into a season of it. rise up

At Lonestar Dance we want our dancers to pour their heartache into their art. This can come in the form of creativity. Choreographing or improvising to music that moves you can be a therapeutic and healthy way to deal with the stresses and emotions of a Season of Heartache. We have a company “rule” that you leave your baggage at the door. The stress of your home life, the bad grade you made at school, the loss of a friend or loved one, or the break up from a romantic interest. It isn’t easy to do, as these feelings tend to permeate every activity and every interaction. Sometimes we turn off the lights, play music, and literally watch kids weep as they move through music and let out their grief.

The other therapeutic part of coming to dance is how wholly engaged you must be during class. In order to focus on technique or pick up choreography you have to be 100% present. You tend to forget, just for a short time, about the other things going on in your life. It is a rest. It is a break. We want that for our kids.

Interested in joining us? Summer classes and camp schedules will be available 3/1!


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