A Season for Waiting

There are seasons in life where there is nothing left to do but wait. You’ve done your part, you have finished your project, you have sent all the information, and, now, your fate is left to someone or something else. Patience can be excruciating! Anxiety builds, you wonder if you did enough, and there is finally the deep sigh of relief when the waiting is over. IMG_1534

Auditioning teaches how to manage these times of waiting for our dancers. Our Energy Dance Company kids audition each summer to be placed in their competition pieces. They learn combinations in each style and perform them, in addition to technique progressions, in front of a panel of judges. Each small group’s audition takes about 45 minutes to complete, and then the judges may call back certain dancers who are on the edge of score breaks to see them again. Then? They wait.

Results can take 3 days to 3 weeks to come back with the casting results, which is a long time to wait for anyone, much less a kid! They must be confident that they put their best foot forward and that they were prepared. They must put their head down and continue to train through this waiting period regardless of what the outcome might be. Then, when the results come, they must celebrate with humility or move past disappointment.

In our current society, waiting is getting harder and harder. We want information immediately, and Amazon can get paper towels to our door in the same day without us leaving the house. Whether waiting to hear about a job, a prognosis, a house offer, or a pregnancy, waiting is a virtue. Hoping we are teaching that skill to our dancers year over year.

Interested in joining us? Classes and camp schedules are out now!


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